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Natural 3mm MDF Movement Trays

Item number F3D-3115-31300

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Precision cut high quality 3mm mdf movement trays for easily moving your miniatures in groups.

These movement trays have a 4mm wide ridge around the edge to stop figures sliding off while moving, and are supplied in a sheet requiring assembly before use. Select the size you require for the standing area and note the additional 4mm ridge adds 8mm to both the overall width and length dimensions. The ridge height is the same as the thickness of the tray (3mm.)

Please be aware, some vendor bases (partucularly injection moulded plastic bases) are a fraction larger than advertised. Laser cut products can be very accurate so to avoid dissapointment due to discrepancies in other vendor products, before making your selection, please arrange your figures in formation and measure the footprint of the group. If in doubt, add a few mm to ensure the trays you purchase are large enough.

To assemble your movement trays, simply glue the edge strips to their relative edges using a suitable glue allowing time for it to dry completely. For mdf we recommend wood / PVA glue.

If you cannot see a tray size or colour to suite your needs, please send us a message - we manufacture all our mdf products in our workshop and are constantly expanding our product portfolio.

IMPORTANT: A note on thickness...

While we offer our movement trays in different thicknesses, care should be taken to choose the thickness most suitable to your needs. In general, we recommend 2.2mm thickness for lighter resin based miniatures, and 3.2mm thickness for heavier metallic miniatures.

And finally, while we use the best quality materials possible, due to the nature of manufacturing processes for our raw materials, the thickness of our mdf is approximate and can vary by +/- 15%