We have spent more than a year developing our terrain range and are very proud of what we have. We believe our terrain systems are enormously flexible, providing what we feel is core to many terrain builders, gamers and miniature collectors, and something not seen in many of the other available systems.

With our terrain, as we release more and more kits, there's no reason why you can't build fantastic, playable environments. However, we know from experience just how important it is to exercise the imagination and crafting skills to build some truly unique and spectacular pieces, therefore we will make all kit parts, as well as many additional and requested components available individually from our store.

To achieve this and maintain the underlying flexibility, we have had to overcome certain challenges with the chosen materials and as such there are some complexities which need to be considered when building custom environments with our products.

For any of our kits, we highly recommend everyone reads the first "Building FTR Kits" guide as this covers all the basic techniques common to all of our kits and tips on getting the best results. We provide an assembly kit to assist with our FTR products, but it is not strictly required, so we include some extra advice for things to use from around the home instead.

It has always been our intention to share as much detail as possible of how the system works to make sure you know exactly what parts you need when you come to design and build that special piece... so if you are considering building anything from scratch, or even customising one of our existing kits, you should take the time to read and understand the corresponding specifications with information about how parts interact with each other, the available features of components, and very importantly, details of our component naming convention which will help you identify the correct components you need, or specify to us what you're after if the component is particularly bespoke.

Once you have been through all of the information, if you are still in some doubt, by all means drop us an e-mail - we will always be at hand to answer any questions, advise you, and even discuss custom parts for you project if you cannot see what you're looking for in our store.

To set you on your way, please find design guides at the end of this page illustrating the approach we take to producing our kits.

Design Guides

These guides walk you through the process we take when designing a new kit. From concept to reality, using a real example of one of our products from each system, these are a must if you want to create your own terrain using our systems.