United Nations Climate Neutral Now

Climate Neutral Now is an initiative launched by the UN Climate Change in 2015, aiming at encouraging and supporting all levels of society to take climate action to achieve a climate neutral world by mid-century, as enshrined in the Paris Agreement adopted the same year. 

As a responsible company, we are committed to ensuring we do our part to achieve climate neutrality. As with the UN Climate Change Initiative, we recognise the damage already caused and as such are already taking action to measure, reduce, and compensate greenhouse gas emissions generated by us and our supply chains.


In addition to our climate neutral commitment, we are also constantly reviewing our operation to minimise our direct impact on the environment. Some of the steps we have already taken include:

  • Avoid use of product packaging where possible and when necessary, only use recycled materials and keep it to a minimum.
  • Through careful selection, 95% of all our shipping packaging has already been recycled at least once, and is capable of being recycled again.
  • Reduced the use of oil derived plastics with the aim to eliminate them altogether. All 3D printing uses PLA, a plant (starch) based polymer, which itself is biodegradable.
  • Optimised our cutting processes to minimise waste material as much as possible. 

This process is ongoing and we will continue to work towards the following goals:

  • Replace remainder of shipping packaging with green alternatives.
  • Restrict all shipping to couriers who can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.
  • Achieve near 0% use of oil derived products

In an ideal world, we would not use any oil derived products. However, we recognise at this time there are a number of technological limitations to achieve this, but we will still do everything we can to reduce oil derived products to an absolute minimum.