Fluid 3D Terrain Range

The Fluid Terrain Range by Fluid 3D Workshop (FTR) has been designed to provide highly compatible scenic buildings and terrain for modelling and table-top gaming enthusiasts.

Our kits are precision cut using industrial laser cutting equipment from high quality materials. They are provided flat packed and require assembly and while they look great out of the box, they can easily be painted.

Here you will find an overview of the range but before you buy, please see our Guides to make sure you get the most of what we are offering.


The range is divided into three systems, Structures, Streets, and Flexi, which have been designed to maximise flexibility while maintaining compatibility between each other.

Each System is available in five scales, and at each scale measurements are standardised, so you are guaranteed features will align accurately across the whole range.

All components of all systems produced for our kits are also available for purchase directly from our website. This provides our customers with the opportunity to design and build their own personalised models.

The Structures System has been designed to allow construction of free standing scenic buildings.

Essentially, the system is built around the concept of rooms with provision made for multiple levels which can easily be removed allowing access to rooms throughout the models.

A building from the structures system can be used individually or incorporated into other systems.

The Streets System provides a rich three-dimensional multi-level environment to stage Structures coherently.

Built from standardised interlocking base boards, removable surface tiles are available to theme and securely position pre-built Structures buildings, and additional models are available specifically to add depth to any tabletop encounter.

Please note, this range is not yet available.

Designed with snap-fit connectors, the Flexi System provides a way to quickly construct rich three-dimensional tunnel-like environments such as caves, dungeons, sci-fi bases, and internal space craft layouts.

Please note, this range is not yet available.


Our Terrain Range is available in four specially selected themes, and because the underlying system is consistent, there's no stopping you mixing and matching to create some fantastic gaming environments.

With our unique style tailored to the proportions of the underlying system, our Fantasy Range, with mostly stone and timber buildings sits between conventional medieval and popular literary fantasy depictions.

The Range includes many classic buildings as expected for scenery, but also some unusual additions.

Our Modern theme includes a broad selection of modern 21st century structures styled initially from British culture, but with alternatives planned for the future.

Please note, this theme is not yet available.

Mostly available via our Flexi System, our unique Sci-Fi theme is set in an imaginary far away future.

Environments include moon bases, space craft interiors, as well as colony and military buildings.

Please note, this theme is not yet available.

Our classic Steampunk theme is available for all of the incredibly versatile systems covering the inherent Wild West badlands crossed with Victorian City Streets and sewers.

Please note, this theme is not yet available.


We are very much aware of the huge variety of scales used across the plethora of roleplaying games. While we cannot cater for every variation, we have chosen 5 of the most popular scales within the limitations of our systems and available materials.

Using standard foot to eye scaling, we provide 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, 32mm, and 54mm versions of all of our kits.

It is important to note, the smaller scales use very delicate materials and so we advise only experienced modellers attempt to build them.