Fluid 3D Workshop is a small business located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Originally providing 3D printing services to other small businesses and education, we have always had a very strong focus on quality and customer care and strive for complete satisfaction.

We now design, manufacture, and distribute our very own high quality products. This product range started primarily with basing for miniatures for both gaming and display. However with a background in model making and table-top gaming ourselves, we understand just how much terrain plays a part, and the lengths many hobbyists go to when creating display and gaming environments to scale.

With a shared passion for this attention to detail, we have spent over two years developing a highly compatible system for building incredible terrain with almost limitless variety at multiple scales.

In addition to this, we believe modding is an integral part of model making. Our terrain is engineered from a number of materials specially selected for their ease of cutting, drilling, gluing and crafting. What's more, we make all individual components available for purchase so our customers can design and build their own terrain kits exactly as they need.

We are very proud of this work and will continue to add new kits, components, and details to the system and hope you will enjoy making, modding, and painting it as much as we have developing it.

Fluid 3D Workshop Team