Common Specification

The full (or deep) specification for our terrain system is somewhat complex so we have limited our guides to include what is necessary when designing your own models, and selecting the relevant components and accessories.


Our terrain is manufactured almost exclusively by processing sheet materials in industrial laser cutters and as such virtually all parts are by definition two dimensional. For this reason, measurements only ever consider 2 axis.


To allow our system to scale we use a universal linear measurement for keeping components and features proportionate. This base measurement is a "unit" which can be subdivided into 4 "bites", each of which in turn can be subdivided into 2 "nibbles" (such that there are 8 nibbles in a unit.)

Units are always written as whole numbers, and bites are written following a full stop, such that 1 and a half units would be written as: 1.2

Nibbles are not currently referenced in naming conventions but used in other parts of the deep specification.


Angles are always relative to the horizontal and are described using rise run, where 2 single digits appear together with the first being the rise, and second the run.


12: Rise of 1, run of 2 (26.57')

11: Rise of 1, run of 1 (45')

21: Rise of 2, run of 1 (63.43')