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Malign Sorcery Bases Set

Item number F3D-1307-7849

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Selection of precision cut high quality clear acrylic bases specifically designed to be compatible with the Endless Spells Malign Sorcery box set

These bases are available in a thickness of 3mm and are supplied in convenient sprues (sheets) and simply need to be popped out when needed (and may need trimming slightly before use.) All our acrylic bases are shipped covered with a protective film to prevent scratches during transit and when stored - this film MUST be removed before use. When removng the film, we advise against the use of sharp tools, and recommend scratching at the edge gently with a finger nail. If in doubt, please message us for further advice.

If you cannot see a base size, shape, or colour to suite your needs, please send us a message - we manufacture all our bases in our workshop and are constantly expanding our product portfolio.

Please note, while we use the best quality materials possible, due to the nature of manufacturing processes for our raw materials, the thickness of our acrylic is approximate and can vary by +/- 5%